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Responsive Body - A Movement Workshop


A 4-day exploration of the body’s wisdom, at the intersection of dancing and healing. Co-facilitated by Holly Johnston (hollyjohnston.com) and Elizabeth Chitty Sandoval, this workshop will guide participants in accessing the unique power and wisdom at work in their human body, and to utilize this intelligence to guide relationship, healing and expression. Pulling from our shared research into dance training, dance performance and hands-on therapy, this workshop will offer both experiential deepening into movement practice and skills for working with bodies - for therapists, dancers and dance teachers.


To Register, please contact biodynamicsinmotion (at) gmail (dot) com for an application form.

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SummerLAB 2017

An invitation to the freedom of your own body.

SummerLAB is an intensive immersion into the creative methodologies of Holly Johnston and LEDGES & BONES. It is a responsive program, rebuilt each year to serve the growth and transformation of the participants that year. Through movement, we will chase:

Individualization and Integration: SummerLAB does not generalize bodies, it pursues individualizing body as personal and unique. We offer methodologies for integrating personal 'modes of being' into movement practices that can be accessed for choreographic development and art-making. 

The Subcutaneous World: we not only address the reality of the flesh but also the infinite knowledge that arises from beneath our skin. The interior world of an individual is fully acknowledged as real and wholly respected as a portal into realms of the spirit. The work speaks body to body penetrating through the surface layers of conditioned flesh. We transmit the work through touch as much as we do through talking; we believe in the wordless transmission of knowledge.

Metabolizing Exhaustion and Change: SummerLAB has become known for its rigorous intensity, the kind of rigor that transforms passion into art. The work addresses the metabolic shifts that occur for bodies as they encounter dynamic changes during the embodiment process. 

What SummerLAB is NOT:

  • it is not a festival of dance conventions. It is an opportunity to experience dance as a mode of responding to life.
  • it is not watching already established dance leaders perform. It is an investment in your endeavor to be your own artist and to offer your individual leadership to the arts community and to the greater world at large.
  • it is not a place to hide, but rather a space to be revealed.
  • it is not interested in body as an object of art, but rather as a living subject creating art.
  • it is not a system of authority but rather a practice of freedom.


SummerLAB Intensive: July 17-July 29

  • 10am-4pm, daily
  • Location: Brockus Performance Space
  • Cost: $925.00

LAB Movement Research: July 31-Aug 5

  • Morning Practice: 10am-11:30am ($25/drop in, $120 for 6 classes)
  • LAB Company Rehearsals: 12p-3p
    SummerLAB participants are invited to observe company rehearsals during the week while LAB company members develop their newest work "Skin leaves, Honey falls."
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