I am a dancer. I am a somatic therapist.

Through these tools, I have learned to dive deep within my own being and listen. I have also learned to find power, strength, embodiment and the creative capacity to build my life from the inside out.

Biodynamics in Motion is about creating spaces to trust life as the therapist for our own becoming.

What is biodynamic?

Biodynamics are the dynamic, intelligent forces that create and sustain life. In a biodynamic orientation, we seek to create the container for life to realize and heal itself. In a biodynamic approach to agriculture, attending to the container means understanding the cycles of the moon, the quality of the soil and feeding the landscape for vitality to emerge and grow naturally. In a biodynamic approach to therapy, we similarly attend to the body as an inherently intelligent, holistic system, and allow for the inherent vitality to reorganize and animate the body, mind and spirit more fully.

At the beginning of a therapeutic process, this often means opening physical, mental and emotional pathways for our vitality to begin to emerge. Life often asks us to defend, tense, shut down and our intelligence effortlessly organizes our defenses for survival. When we first try to slow down and access our intelligence, often the first thing that shows up is all of the places we are holding. When we acknowledge and meet these places, through touch or awareness, and allow the grief, anger and frustration to move, we begin to be increasingly open to our own life force.

As the process deepens, we become more and more available to be led by our own knowing. Not the limited knowing of the conditioned mind that draws on its subjective personal, familial and cultural experiences, but the larger knowing of our own inherent intelligence, which naturally orients towards health and coherence. As the relationship with this intelligence deepens, it begins to naturally transform and heal our lives from the inside out. It simultaneously guides and facilitates our deepening and healing process.

What is Movement?

Life is movement. Life is change. Life is transformation. Movement is the moment-to-moment unfolding of life.

We are often seeking transformation. Seeking change. We want to be changed. This is a bit of a paradox, because change is the only constant. In fact, it is our bodies that are stuck. We are holding onto beliefs, world views, emotional states, identities, tissue patterns, nervous system patterns and more that help us find a sense of solidity and safety amidst a world of moving and chaos. 

When we start to move, we start to be more willing to feel, process and follow life's moving. As our bodies get used to being in motion, feeling our impulses and following them, as we get used to changing levels and moving our spine and feeling disorientation, our whole being opens to greater capacity to experience change. It stimulates a capacity to move with the moving, rather than holding on to fixation.

As we become more comfortable with moving, we find that there is always freedom in the body. There is choice. As we begin to follow the impulses of the body into space and time through movement, we find we can both listen and create in real time. We also begin to be in touch with the creative possibility that lives in each moment. We become more and more comfortable with living with and through this potential, and see how movement and creative potential act as the foundations of each moment.

What is Biodynamics in Motion?

Biodynamics in Motion is a work-in-progress. It was born from my own experience of listening and moving - and finding that something was missing from both worlds. I'm passionate about finding ways to help non-dancers find freedom and movement in their bodies, and about helping dancers connect their movement practice in with a deep listening of the body. This practice involves a full spectrum of private sessions in structural integration to open possibility in the human structure, Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy to open possibility in the energetic and fluid layers, and Polarity Therapy and Nervous System Regulation to open possibilities in the mental, emotional and nervous system layers, especially related to healing from developmental and event trauma.

Movement takes the deep internal somatic shiftings and helps to bring them into real-time. As our internal world begins to soften, we become more permeable to the arisings of our beings. Of and through movement we learn to listen and respond, to receive and create. Movement brings the subtle experiences that emerge on the table and helps us to actualize them in the present. It also brings a challenge - it offers the possibility to push, embolden, embody and emerge.

To me this is how movement brings things full circle. Awareness, contact and support in therapeutic processes helps us open to the deeper layers of who we are. Movement allows us to experiment with how that being can manifest moment-to-moment. Without the depth of process and perception, our movement can be driven by our habitual patterning, without real connection with the body's intelligence.

For dancers, this can manifest as injury, frustration and stagnation. It can manifest as a lack of self-esteem or issues with body image. It can create the feeling that our dancing is moving around ourselves, fitting the norms of the outside world, without really touching the depth of who we are.

For people invested in transformative processes, a therapeutic framework that exists solely on the table can stagnate. It can fixate into a never-ending search to heal completely. There can be a depth of sensation, without a real connection to purpose, creation and embodiment.

Biodynamics seeks to meet both dancers and non-dancers; filling in the gaps. The work manifests as private sessions, as well as classes and workshops. As I continue to fill out what it is and how it operates, it will continue to find new avenues for unfoldment.

Life heals itself, given the proper conditions.
— Andrew Taylor Still