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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy - Nervous System Regulation - Polarity Therapy - Structural Integration

Private sessions are tailored to meet the goals and intentions of each client. I utilize Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Nervous System Regulation, Polarity Therapy and Structural Integration to create somatic treatment protocols that help clients find relief from chronic and acute pain, resolve event and developmental trauma, navigate binds in psycho-emotional life and become empowered to access their innate capacity for healing and transformation.

My work ranges from short-term "fix-it" work to alleviate acute physical and emotional pain to long-term holistic process work aimed at deeper levels of transformation. I generally blend modalities as things emerge, but also work with a single modality - if that is of interest to the client.

I also offer Structural Integration ten-series work, which aims at holistic structural transformation through an ordered process designed by Ida Rolf. To learn more about the ten series, click here.


Single session: $95
Three sessions: $225
Five sessions: $400
Ten sessions (includes 10-series work): $800

*Sessions are scheduled on a 1.5 hour basis at my office in downtown Oakland.
**Special rates for professional dancers are available. Please contact me to learn more.


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Anyone can find the disease, it is the true job of the practitioner to find the health.
— Andrew Taylor Still