Manifesto for a New Therapeutic Paradigm


I also know that life is full of pain, struggle, anger and fear. I know that most of the time, life feels complicated, messy, confusing and overwhelming.

I am in love with all of it.

I want to honor a creative, therapeutic framework that allows life to be exactly as it is, without needing to fix it. I believe that it is our judgments that limit our creative capacity to transform, not our conditions. As we bring presence to the places we resist, we find that they hold a rich key for our growth process said.

Dr. Stone said, "Where there is the most pain, there is the most resistance. Where there is the most resistance, there is the most love." When we can lean into our resistances, bringing acceptance and presence, something larger can unfold. Usually what emerges is exactly the thing we need to hold the challenge we are facing.

My intention is to make space for life's difficulties to flow through and manifest as they need to.

I don't want to figure you out. I don't want to fix you.

I want to be in glory and awe for the messy, complicated person you are. I never want to become so wrapped up in techniques and protocols that I lose track of being blown away by you and by life itself.

I come from a family of therapists. I have received a lot of support. I deeply believe in support. However, I am also a dancer. My journey as a dancer has helped me to become comfortable with not knowing, with challenge, with manifestation, embodiment and empowerment in real time. As a result, I also believe in push, in meeting the challenges that life is manifesting and rising to the challenge with growth. Our unerring internal blueprint for health can give us the internal capacity to do this.

In my practice and teaching, there is a lot of holding, nurturing and supporting. There is safe space to unfold, let go, grieve and be. There is also the firm invitation to embody, to become and grow in real time. To create, as a natural part of processing and letting go. 

I believe in support. I also believe in challenge.

I believe in joy. I also believe in pain.

I believe in relief. I also believe in transformation.

This is a process that invites the full spectrum as a way to invite the inherent wisdom that can hold it all.