Transformation is an inherent characteristic of life.

Everything around us is in motion. We want to be transformed, and yet the only constant in life is change. If we can shift our attunement and align with life's inherent intelligence, we will find that life is a potent therapist, transforming us over and over again.

This takes care, support, attention and presence. Sometimes it takes strong interventions, a shift in our worldview, or something else to shake us out of our habitual orientations. Habits, traumas, family patterns, cultural biases, unexpressed grief and physical constraints keep us from listening deep within and letting the voice of life speak through us. We become weary, beat down, injured, disempowered, confused and exhausted because life keeps offering us the opportunity to transform and we keep showing up with our habituated presence. We lose connection with the brilliant intelligence that fluidly formed our bodies, digests our lunch daily, rebuilds our bones, organs and soft tissue regularly and sustains us in the face of disease and tragedy. Dr. Still said, "Any idiot can find the disease, it is the object of the physician to find the health."

My intention as a therapist and teacher is to help you find physical, emotional and psychological openings that bring you into greater alignment with the design and purpose of your life. Each of these openings allows you to more effortlessly allow the challenges of life to move of and through you.

I don't want to fix you. I don't want to figure you out. I want to be in glory and awe for the messy, complicated person you are. I want to offer the firm invitation to be empowered by the inherent intelligence of your own body to transform itself.

I believe in support. I also believe in challenge.

I believe in joy. I also believe in pain.

I believe in relief. I also believe in transformation.

This is a process that invites the full spectrum.

The patient is the physician and the teacher.
— Rollin Becker, DO