Uncover your body's wisdom - in motion.

Boulder Circus Center
Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm - Starts Jan 22, 2019
$5-10 by donation - wear comfortable clothing to move in

Biodynamics in Motion classes blend biodynamic listening skills with improvisational prompts and choreographic sequences. They aim to help students tune into the organic movement of their bodies and to amplify and explore these movements in space, time and relationship with others. As we get better at listening to our own bodies, we find that we have deep capacity to heal our own injuries, contact ourselves deeply, find freedom in any moment and become empowered through our embodied presence.

Classes will alternate between exercises created to facilitate subtle somatic sensing, guided movement improvisation, deep listening to the inherent, unfolding movement of the body and kinetic movement sequences to open movement pathways for greater expression.